There’s power in words. They either inspire you to do or feel. If your audience needs action and not another “feel good” speech, keep reading!

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Dominique is high energy, humorous and intentional about connecting with your audience. Speaking to collegiate, corporate and varied event audiences, she goes beyond motivating and actually establishes a standard of implementation.

With her consistent advocacy for women and self-worth, typical speaking topics cover a range of introspective and impactful subjects such as relationships, self-love, authenticity, overcoming limiting beliefs and confidence.

See the list of curated speaking programs by Dominique below, or contact her for a specific speaking request.




MINDFUL RELATIONSHIPS: Creating Genuine Connection with Ourselves and Others

We live in a time where it can be harder than ever to relate to others and build authentic relationships. Whether in intimate or business relationships, we all want to sustain healthy connections, but how do you do it? Allow me to draw from years of experience matching and coaching 100s of singles to healthy relationships and maintaining brand partnerships to help your audience develop the skills to quiet the ego, resolve conflict and most importantly, work on self.


REBOOT: The Power and Necessity of Self-Rediscovery

Sometimes we lose sight of ourselves. It happens to the best of us – even the most successful and self-aware people can go through phases where everything seems… off. But it doesn’t have to stay that way. In fact, getting lost can be a really amazing opportunity to rediscover and redefine ourselves, perhaps uncovering an even more fulfilling version of ourselves that has been trying to push its way through.

The process of rediscovery is a process. Allow me to share with your audience the strategies they can employ to help successfully move through it.

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SHE’S VALUABLE (BUT DOES SHE KNOW IT?): Identifying & Fearlessly Communicating Your Personal and Relationship Value

Allow me to provide an empowering talk for your female audience based on my book She’s Valuable on the power of recognizing, protecting and communicating their personal value. Free of guilt and fear. Full of confidence and authority. View Trailer.



Dominique is an Event Emcee and Moderator for general sessions, conferences, awards presentations, panel discussions and other corporate events. When it comes to empowering your attendees and delivering your desired message and energy, Dominique hits the nail on the head every time.