Meet The Stars of Deadly Dispatch: Tamala Jones, Dominque Perry and Bone Crusher

Deadly Dispatch is the perfect combination of LOVE, LIES and MURDER. Tamala Jones, Dominque Perry and Bone Crusher do an excellent job of telling the true story of Tiffany (Tamala Jones) going to the ends of the earth to seek justice for her best friend Shawn’s (Bone Crusher) murder. Tiffany believes Shawn’s widow Amber (Dominique Perry) may be involved in his death and has made it her personal mission to find out.

MC Lyte And Malinda Williams Talk TV One's 'Loved To Death'

Malinda Williams and MC Lyte talk about their incredible roles in TV One’s third installment of their Love, Lies And Murder series, ‘LOVED TO DEATH’. Throughout our empowering conversation the ladies discuss the importance of domestic violence awareness, trusting and allowing those you love to hold you accountable when behaving outside of yourself and why you should tune in to this must see film.

TV One's 'In Broad Daylight' Cast Interviews - Chyna Lane and Curtis Hamilton

TV One’s second installment of their LOVE, LIES AND MURDER movie series, IN BROAD DAYLIGHT, stars Shad Moss (Bow Wow), who made his Executive Producer debut, Chyna Lane of “She’s Got To It” and Curtis Hamilton of "Surviving Compton: Dre, Suge & Michel'le".

This film is based off true events of a woman and her family try to protect her from an obsessive and abusive boyfriend. Check out what Chyna Lane and Curtis Hamilton had to say about their roles and experience telling this story.

New Digital Comedy Series 'THE UNWRITTEN RULES' Debuts on CLEO TV

Have you heard ? It’s finally here! ‘THE UNWRITTEN RULES’ is a new poplar digital series on CLEO TV chronicling the realities of being black in a white corporate setting. From a comedic point of view, this series follows Racey Jones as she navigates being the only black person in a white workplace.

RECAP: CLEO TV and Spectrum Kicked Off Inaugural 'CLEO SPEAKS' Tour in New York City with Trailblazers Tracy Garraud, Natasha Alford, Necole Kane and Charreah K. Jackson

Hosted by CLEO TV and Spectrum, the CLEO SPEAKS: SHE SPEAKS. WE LISTEN tour made its first stop in New York City at the Helen Mills Event Space and Theater. The event included a panel discussion moderated by Tracy Garraud, Co-Host of Sway in the Morning and Founder of She's Beauty and the Beast with featured panelists Natasha Alford, Deputy Editor of the Griot; Necole Kane, Founder; and Charreah K. Jackson, author and CEO. A special screening of Garraud'sCLEO SPEAKS episode was also highlighted

Roshon Fegan and Russ Parr discuss TV One's 'The Bobby DeBarge Story' at the American Black Film Festival

For more than two decades, the American Black Film Festival, the nation’s largest gathering of black in film and television, has been the hub of premiering and showcasing the work of some of the greatest and rising talents in the industry. Ryan Coogler, Issa Raye, Samuel L. Jackson and Taraji P. Henson are just a few of many in the past, but this year, the incredible cast and producers of the Bobby DeBarge Story made their mark.

The DL Hughley Show Breakout TV Personality, Jasmine Sanders: From Foster Care to Television

“I envisioned this when I was a kid. I knew it would happen. I just knew it in my bones.”

Award winning media powerhouse, Co-Host to the Nationally Syndicated The DL Hughley Show and break out TV Personality of the new night time talk show on TV One, The DL Hughley Show, Jasmine Sanders has broken barriers and claimed her seat at the table.