Meet The Stars of Deadly Dispatch: Tamala Jones, Dominque Perry and Bone Crusher

Deadly Dispatch is the perfect combination of LOVE, LIES and MURDER. Tamala Jones, Dominque Perry and Bone Crusher do an excellent job of telling the true story of Tiffany (Tamala Jones) going to the ends of the earth to seek justice for her best friend Shawn’s (Bone Crusher) murder. Tiffany believes Shawn’s widow Amber (Dominique Perry) may be involved in his death and has made it her personal mission to find out.

MC Lyte And Malinda Williams Talk TV One's 'Loved To Death'

Malinda Williams and MC Lyte talk about their incredible roles in TV One’s third installment of their Love, Lies And Murder series, ‘LOVED TO DEATH’. Throughout our empowering conversation the ladies discuss the importance of domestic violence awareness, trusting and allowing those you love to hold you accountable when behaving outside of yourself and why you should tune in to this must see film.

TV One's 'In Broad Daylight' Cast Interviews - Chyna Lane and Curtis Hamilton

TV One’s second installment of their LOVE, LIES AND MURDER movie series, IN BROAD DAYLIGHT, stars Shad Moss (Bow Wow), who made his Executive Producer debut, Chyna Lane of “She’s Got To It” and Curtis Hamilton of "Surviving Compton: Dre, Suge & Michel'le".

This film is based off true events of a woman and her family try to protect her from an obsessive and abusive boyfriend. Check out what Chyna Lane and Curtis Hamilton had to say about their roles and experience telling this story.