Tai Beauchamp and Elton Anderson Bring Us Black Travel And Black Culture Like Never Before as the Hosts of CLEO TV’s Lens of Culture

African Americans are traveling more than ever and prioritize immersing ourselves in culture, both locally and abroad. But I have to say, there has been no better experience in witnessing this type of voyage than through the lens of TV Personality and Producer Tai Beauchamp and Celebrity Photographer Elton Anderson on CLEO TV’s new hit series Lens of Culture.

New Digital Comedy Series 'THE UNWRITTEN RULES' Debuts on CLEO TV

Have you heard ? It’s finally here! ‘THE UNWRITTEN RULES’ is a new poplar digital series on CLEO TV chronicling the realities of being black in a white corporate setting. From a comedic point of view, this series follows Racey Jones as she navigates being the only black person in a white workplace.

RECAP: CLEO TV and Spectrum Kicked Off Inaugural 'CLEO SPEAKS' Tour in New York City with Trailblazers Tracy Garraud, Natasha Alford, Necole Kane and Charreah K. Jackson

Hosted by CLEO TV and Spectrum, the CLEO SPEAKS: SHE SPEAKS. WE LISTEN tour made its first stop in New York City at the Helen Mills Event Space and Theater. The event included a panel discussion moderated by Tracy Garraud, Co-Host of Sway in the Morning and Founder of She's Beauty and the Beast with featured panelists Natasha Alford, Deputy Editor of the Griot; Necole Kane, Founder; and Charreah K. Jackson, author and CEO. A special screening of Garraud'sCLEO SPEAKS episode was also highlighted