3 Young Women of Color Create Ground Breaking Web Series: Adultin'

It is with distinct honor that I introduce you to the bold, melanated and unpologetic creatives behind the incredible web series that is Adultin’. I had the amazing opportunity to watch the first season and have a conversation with Kayra Clouden, Malique Daniels and Paulette Marte about the inspiration behind the web series, being a dynamic trio of women of color creating this type of content and the barriers they’re already breaking.


We all know that adultin’ can be tough and quite frankly, annoying as hell sometimes, but it’s a part of life. Whether we have the tools or have to figure it out on our own along the way, these women have created necessary dialog and identifiable content that not only educates and entertains their audience, but frees them a little in knowing they’re not alone.

Why this series and why now?

Why Adultin’? Because we’re in the middle of it right now. It happened naturally as far as timing. It just came together. But as far as topic this is the experience that we know the most and what we can write to the best.


What goes into the creative process? How do you decide the theme of each episode, etc.?

When we started we didn’t have a lot of money or a budget, so it was more about what was achievable. What could we actually shoot and had access to. We decided to pick topics that affect us the most on a day to day basis, like everyday you have to go grocery shopping, you have to do laundry, pay your bills and deal with relationships and your parents all the time.

Was it challenging to get people to open up and share during the unscripted segments of the show or did you find that people were ready to share about their experiences?

I think that all of them except for the episode about parents were fairly simple. But to also put things into context, we shot this in our apartment, so they showed up to a set that was in a kitchen. So it made people feel really comfortable and then we were also very personable and relatable. The setting played into people opening up, but the parenting episode was still difficult getting people to say plainly what they felt and not really regret it.

We thought sex was going to be the difficult one, but everyone was willing to talk about their sexual experiences. When the topic of bills came up it was definitely a relatable “I hate bills” energy, but in looking back, people were still scared to share about what they didn’t know, but should, like 401k’s and completing W2s.

What does it mean to you to be young, female and of color collaborating and producing something that I think is equally as entertaining as it is curating relevant dialog? (Because I enjoyed listening to all the black girl magic and affirmative joy shared between the ladies when answering this question, I thought it would better for you to hear their raw response over reading it. Listen below!)

What do you do when you don’t feel like adulting? What’s your escape? 

The bed! Going to sleep (they all laugh). Taking a self-care day to relax and doing things like taking a bubble bath, doing our hair and face masks. But we also like doing the fun parts of adultin’, like this weekend we bought plants, but then right after we went grocery shopping (laughs)….because it’s a balance.

What do you want people to take away from this series and how are you hoping this series changes your industry? 

You don’t see any format like this across any platform. I haven’t seen anyone else do what we’ve done. The scripted and unscripted, where we have the acting in the beginning and then the real people answering our everyday adultin questions. I think it would be great to be recognized as pioneers for that. Like the OGs to do it, but also to get picked up by a larger platform.

What we want people to take away from the show is that there is no right way to adult. After watching every episode it doesn’t really tell you that you should do your laundry everyday or other adultin’ things.

This is for a very marginalized group of people. That experience of coming out of college and trying to find a job is not that same for white people. This is for those who are black and doing it on your own without the support of a system.

Also, you don’t have to wait until you’ve worked on three sets to do your own thing. You don’t have to wait until you’ve worked for someone else. You can work with other women. You can work with other people your age. Your peers can be exactly what you need to get a project done. This show is as much for entertainment as is it to show that you can get things done. If you want to create a show, you can create a show. If you want to start a magazine, you can start a magazine.

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For more information on the Adultin’ web series and the incredible young women behind it visit: www.adultinseries.com