TJ Jackson on Michael Jackson, New Music, Dating Kim Kardashian and Acting

There is no better experience than having a conversation with someone who comes from musical legends and is creating their own legendary journey, yet is extremely humble, family oriented and genuine. TJ Jackson, son of Jackson 5 member, Tito Jackson, nephew to the King of Pop, Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson and former group member of the international sensation 3T is blazing his own path and continuing the family legacy as a solo artist.

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Through life’s tragedies and triumphs, TJ Jackson wants the world to know that “I’m good…. and practicing gratitude is the key to it all”. He’s spent his life growing up amongst some of the world’s greatest talents and now is excited to express through his own interpretation how those influences have shaped his sound and approach to music.

With the release of his first solo project, Insomnia, a sexy tribute to his Soul and R&B roots, TJ is ready to bring back good music and leave his mark on the industry. Want to hear all the details on his new music, taking full guardianship over Michael Jackson’s children and dating Kim Kardashian? Check out my interview with TJ below and all the platforms to follow him on for what he has coming up next!


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