Meet The Stars of Deadly Dispatch: Tamala Jones, Dominque Perry and Bone Crusher


Deadly Dispatch is the perfect combination of LOVE, LIES and MURDER. Tamala Jones, Dominque Perry and Bone Crusher do an excellent job of telling the true story of Tiffany (Tamala Jones) going to the ends of the earth to seek justice for her best friend Shawn’s (Bone Crusher) murder. Tiffany believes Shawn’s widow Amber (Dominique Perry) may be involved in his death and has made it her personal mission to find out.

There are twists and turns that will have you on the edge of your seat and a passionate delivery that makes each character authentic and identifiable.

Watch this clip of Tiffany, played by Tamala Jones, trying to put the pieces together to solve the case.

Listen to my interview with the stars of Deadly Dispatch and be sure to stay tuned to TV One for more original films and true stories.