TV One's 'In Broad Daylight' Cast Interviews - Chyna Lane and Curtis Hamilton

TV One’s second installment of their LOVE, LIES AND MURDER movie series, IN BROAD DAYLIGHT, stars Shad Moss (Bow Wow), who made his Executive Producer debut, Chyna Lane of “She’s Got To It” and Curtis Hamilton of "Surviving Compton: Dre, Suge & Michel'le".

This film is based off true events of a woman and her family try to protect her from an obsessive and abusive boyfriend. Check out what Chyna Lane and Curtis Hamilton had to say about their roles and experience telling this story.


We know Bow Wow (Shad Moss) is an amazing artist and actor, what was your experience like with him as an executive director for this film and what did you learn from him while on set?

Chyna: Shad Moss is the executive producer of our film IN BROAD DAYLIGHT and the thing that I really enjoyed about working with him is how ready, how prepared and how open he is. He had absolutely no ego when he comes to set and he’s just chill. He makes it a space where we’re all cool with each other and we can openly talk about what’s going on with our characters and what our perspective is and it becomes a great collaboration. He’s a fantastic actor so it was really exciting to work with him and see him step into that role as executive producer.

This film is based on a true story, was it hard playing these roles knowing that this was someone’s real life experience?

Chyna: For me to read the script of IN BROAD DAYLIGHT and to know that it was inspired by true events made me feel even more of a care care taker in playing Jordan and being a part of this family in telling this story. I’ve been blessed to play characters who’ve been inspired by true people whether it was Lee Daniel’s Precious, Nelson Georg’s Life Support and even Shemeka in Spike Lee’s She’s Got To Have It. I immediately felt like the responsibility and gravity of what we were tasked with here.

There were some very emotional and hard scenes in the film, what was your process like coming out of a state of anger or sadness?

Chyna: You know it’s so interesting. I especially know us as black people, we always find light in the dark, and playing a character like Jordan who’s living this life, it’s easy to fall into despair and it’s easy to play her as a victim, but what I gathered from her, the most important thing was the love and the light that she lead with, the light that she always chose to look for even when it seemed like she couldn’t see what was happening before her. We laugh when it’s rough. We mask when it’s hard and we, especially as parents, we try to make things calm in the midst of a storm before our children. But there was a balance to when we had to come out of tough scenes, it was still safe and it didn’t’ feel as though it was something we were coming out of alone.

You both gave an amazingly authentic performance. Kudos to you both! Was there anything the two of you did together and/ore separately to prepare and make each scene as real as they felt? 

Curtis: Spending as much time together is what I would say and understanding each other’s limits. We were very comfortable with each other and I think that the authenticity of our performances was able to shine because we knew at the end of the day we respected each other. We wanted the best and with a film that is so intense like this you need that trust and me and Chyna were able to have that with one another.

Chyna how has working with legends like Spike Lee, Queen Latifah and Jamie Fox over the years helped developed your craft?

Chyna: With these directors like Spike Lee, Nelson George, Lee Daniels and also Keen Micheals, there’s only one thing that they want on set which is the truth. For me, playing Jordan it’s like what is the truth here. And I always say once you go through this school of acting from Lee Daniels and Spike Lee it’s like there’s a different work ethic you have as an actor because you’re willing to go there. Also what I loved is that these are directors who allow you to speak about what you’re feeling and if you feel like something isn’t necessarily right or something doesn’t feel authentic, they believe that your voice is valid. I had a valid say in who Jordan was and it became a creative collaboration.

Curtis you’ve successfully transitioned from the NFL to acting, so which was more challenging: your role on the field or your role on camera? 

Curtis: Well I played sports all my life and learning that was something that was second nature to me. With the acting I had a lot of insecurities to start out and I had a lot of people telling me that “you can’t be an actor” and “why would you want to do that” and “you don’t know anything about that”. The journey has been different, but satisfying. The roles are very similar in the work ethic that you have to have and the commitment. It’s about doing a lot of things when no one’s looking.

It’s the same thing with sports. What are you eating, what are you putting in your body and how are you taking care of yourself when you’re not on the practice field and not in the game. I’ve taken my sports background and incorporated it into my acting. If I can play a character that’s not me and people are paying me to do it, I feel like I’m on the right track.

What did you learn about yourself after playing this role? And how did it stretch you as an actor? 

Curtis: you have to learn to love yourself. You have to speak up. Talk to people. Nurture yourself and understand that there’s light at the end of the tunnel. This reaction or decision that you’re making in this moment, it will get to a point where it may be hard to turn back and that’s what happened to Steve.

Chyna: Lead more with love. That’s what we were put on this earth to do was love, share love and to give love and when you see somebody who doesn’t have love that’s when you give them even more love. And if you feel that you don’t have love, be an open vessel to receiving it.

Why do you want people to watch this film and what impact are you hoping this film has on the viewers?

Chyna: Tune in because Curtis’s baby hair is gonna be loud and curly in every scene (laughs).