The DL Hughley Show Breakout TV Personality, Jasmine Sanders: From Foster Care to Television

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“I envisioned this when I was a kid. I knew it would happen. I just knew it in my bones.”

Award winning media powerhouse, Co-Host to the Nationally Syndicated The DL Hughley Show and breakout TV Personality of the new night time talk show on TV One, The DL Hughley Show, Jasmine Sanders has broken barriers and claimed her seat at the table.  

Reflecting on her dreams of always wanting to be a journalist, I relived the memory with Jasmine as she laughed with wit and said “my momma would call me noisy, but I called it inquisitive and journalistic.” Whatever you want to call it, that passion remained and Jasmine would later be encourage by her college academic advisor to pursue radio.   

“Anything I want can be mine”

Jasmine moved with great intention and determination in her pursuit of radio. She believed in claiming what was hers and never giving up until she achieved it. Even if it meant harassing the radio station she wanted to work at, sitting in their lobby for 8 hours and buying the receptionist breakfast every day for 2 weeks, she was uncompromising. With little experience, it would be her first job in a major market, New York, but she wanted it. And she got it! She was hired by the famous Vinnie Brown and her career skyrocketed from there.

We all have dreams, and a dream come true can evoke a whirlwind of emotions. I could only imagine how it would feel after years of proving you belonged at the table to now be the co-host of a Nationally Syndicated radio show alongside comedy legend, actor and political commentator, DL Hughley, and co-host of a new night time talk show on TV One.

Jasmine says “It is surreal. And I say that because I envisioned it when I was a kid. I knew it would happen. I just knew it in my bones. All throughout my career I would get butterflies in my stomach for no reason and I always felt that it was the universe’s way of telling me that it’s coming. Just be patient and keep working hard. The only thing that I regret is that my parents didn’t live long enough to see it. I would love for them to see that with all of the talk that I did as a kid…that I made it happen.”

Since the 1960s, feminists have argued that “it matters who makes it”. When it comes to the mass media, “who makes it” continues to be men.  It’s tenacious women like Jasmine Sanders that keeps the needle moving forward in maintaining our presence and elevating our voices.

We all know that DL Hughley has a funny, opinionated and dominate voice, but Jasmine’s presence has never diminished, nor her voice ever muted. I’ve admired the hell out of that about her and asked how she maintains it: 

“I think it’s always hard for a female to make sure that she’s heard. We just want to be heard. We want you to hear what we’re saying clearly. And it’s a struggle. But the thing that I’ll say about DL Hughley is that he gives me the freedom to say my peace. He promised me in the beginning that he’ll never take that away from me…and he’s never let me down.”

Jasmine’s life hasn’t always been one of wins and free from struggle, and I believe that’s what makes her story so powerful and her journey, inspirational.

“Much given, much required”

Jasmine was given up by her mother and placed in the foster care system. By the age of 4 ½ she had been sent to 4 different foster care homes. She says the remnants of this experience is still all over her. She would then be adopted into a forever home and described herself as “blessed” because of it.  

The month of May is National Foster Care Month. Jasmine will be using her media platform, as she does all year long with her #AdoptedAndWinning Campaign, to create awareness around foster care, something she’s extremely passionate about.

“Much given, much required. I know there are young girls and young boys who are stuck in that system, who have no voice. So, it would be horrible of me to have been in a situation where I could have ended up the same way and not turn around and let someone else’s voice come through me. It’d do a tremendous disservice to what my testimony is and what I can do to help someone else.”

 Jasmine shared that there are over 400,000 children in the foster care system, most of which are black. She wants to dispel the myth that there’s something wrong with children in foster care and that they’re not worthy of love. All we need is love like everybody else.”

Outside of the struggle of foster care, Jasmine also battled with sexual and domestic abuse and being a teenage mom. There are many who would throw in the towel after feeling like life treated them unfairly, but Jasmine kept going. She kept fighting. And she’s been victorious because of it.

Her sole motivation was not letting down those who poured into her over the years. She owed them success. I know you gave to me, now let me give to you.” Jasmine is a true giant in her industry, but most importantly, what I’ve learned from my time with her is that she’s a courageous, kind and genuine giver. And with qualities like that she’ll continue to soar and touch many.

To educate yourself, donate your time or get involved during Foster Care Month and beyond visit .

Tune into Jasmine Sanders weekdays on your radio from 3pm-7pm ET on The DL Hughley Show and weeknights at 10pm ET on TV One’s The DL Hughley Show.

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