LIVE Bootcamps, YouTube Series & One on One Coaching

You don’t have to do this alone. Here you have committed support on your journey to love, self-worth and sustainable relationships. Whether one on one or LIVE coaching, you’ll receive the skills you need to do your work and start by giving yourself the time and attention you’re worthy of.

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With years of experience and research, Dominique has become the Rediscovery Coach for both adult and young adult women. Rediscovery of self, rediscovery of self-worth and rediscovery of love.

Dominique’s clients come to her because they are in one of the following seasons in their life:

- Single and ready to experience authentic and long term connections

- In a relationship and have lost sight of themselves and the woman they desire to become

- Struggling with self-love, limiting beliefs, confidence and how to level up their self-worth; truly living their life as the valuable woman they were created to be

Dominique believes in taking action to truly change your life. Want her as your coach? Read the options below on how you can work together.

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It’s time to start aligning what you want with what you do! Dating doesn’t have to be hard and past pain, relationship trauma and doubt don’t have to be apart of your future. Let me show you how to fearlessly date with ease in this 12 week program.




There are changes in life that can cause us to malfunction and take us away from who we were called to be, shift our perspectives on love and life and ultimately cause us to become unfamiliar with ourselves.

The REBOOT LIVE experience was designed to give you permission to RESTART and finally put YOU first, to get you reacquainted with self and fearlessly living and loving wholeheartedly, all while surrounded by a community of women supporting you along the way.

This is a one of a kind, in-person, hands on, full body experience that empowers the mind, body and spirit.


Through mentorship and kitchen table conversations, I help you level up your self-worth and relationships. Subscribe now for this fun and interactive biweekly show and join the global love tribe.